Thank you / for caring!

Below is a list of donors that have helped us make this dream of peace, in the hearts of children, come true:

  • Tama Adelman
  • Charles Bng
  • Suzanne Bronk
  • Hagafen Cellars
  • Debbie Darrin
  • Katherine Hall - Hall winery
  • Joan Harris
  • Sabine Hirsohn
  • Joanne James
  • Ilene and Mike Kennedy
  • Kathy Mawer
  • Jennifer Medaris
  • Leslie Medine
  • Martha Pastcan
  • Pat Parker
  • Sudie Pollock
  • Nancy Rose
  • Ellen Sabine
  • Stone Bridge School
  • Betsy Strauss
  • Sunrise Montessori
  • Voices - On the Move
  • Christine Waskowiak



Let the children play in mud, and
paint and crayons duly
Let their clothes be spattered bright,
in happy hues of laughter
Let you turn away from them,
while elbows glide in crimson
And if you’re tempted to turn back
and end their eager messes…
Stop and think…what will be here
one hundred years from now.
Not spattered clothes nor red elbows
but happy souls still smiling.

Sally Lou Cameron (January 24, 1968)