Mission Statement

We give puppets to children in war-torn countries because we believe it is the right of every child to have the opportunity to play, especially during times of extreme duress, and that making this a priority is good for all of us.

Current News

Large Shipment of Puppets Received

We are pleased to announce that a very large shipment of puppets were received from the Cox family on behalf of their Mom, Gloria Cox, who was a teacher and founder of " Puppets For Peace".

Some of those puppets are on their way to the Syrian refugee children by way of Budapest-Bamako SOS Refugee, an NGO that dispenses "Backpacks of hope" to kids who just have arrived on boats from Greece, losing many of their belongings on the way.

peace puppet delivery

Gaza: Puppets for Mental Health Clinic Program

Just recieved confirmation that our puppets made it into Gaza to the Mental Health Clinic Program there. Thanks in large part to Rebuilding Alliance and The Friends Committee on National Legislation.

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